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Proxmox and ddwrt w/ differing subnets error

Some background: I run a small software consulting firm, but I’m also a family doc and I keep a few thousand pages of clinical notes in a semantic mediawiki (“NotesWiki”) that I host on my own servers. I wanted network … Continue reading

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Alt-Tab in Citrix XenApp Remote Desktop

A number of enterprise health systems allow access to a shared EMR virtual server via XenApp.  It’s a nice way of separating concerns and enforcing security, however, there are a few configuration drawbacks.  One issue I ran into was the … Continue reading

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RDP tunneling

The Microsoft terminal server client and its associated Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is definitely one of the few reasons I still develop on a windows system. In many ways it’s a very clean and efficient protocol that just plain works. … Continue reading

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