Citrix Receiver (XenApp) and multiple monitors

Last year I took a job within the Valley Health System  (VHS, Shenandoah Valley, VA) and VHS uses Citrix XenApp very  heavily for their clinical applications .  I really like the feature set provided by XenApp, but I could never get the remote desktop protocol (aka. mstsc or rdp) to work over XenApp when I was using more than one monitor.  Each time I would try to connect to a remote machine I would get a dialog box/window stating that 0% of my remote session had been downloaded.  I searched every internet forum I could find for a solution, but no solution could be had.  I even created a support ticket with citrix.  No solution with this route either.  Then I got lucky.  For some reason I noticed that if I changed my primary monitor to be the left-most monitor, everything just worked.  Not sure what the underlying problem was, but this has worked for a number of my dual/triple monitor setups .

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